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Little by little, you accumulate the parts of her that are gone. Just when the working day comes—when there's a particular missing aspect that overwhelms you with the feeling that she's absent, forever—there comes A different working day, and One more exclusively missing section.” ― John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany tags: death, grief, decline 2064 likes Like

Tum Mujhe Hamesha Yaad Aati Raho Jeet (Mumbai) rab se aap ki khushi mangtay hain,du rab se aap ki khushi mangtay hain,duaoon principal aap ki hansi mangtay hain,sochtay hain k kia mangay aap se,chalo umar bhar ki dosti mangtay hain.shah gee

sher;Phir na jane kon duao sher;Phir na jane kon duao mai yaad karta ha,Mai dobta hon samandar uchal deta ha. perodi;Phir na jane kon gunaaho mai yaad karta hai,Key chup rehta hoon our Trainer nikal deta ha. By shaheryar

Ik hunsi jo hunsa de,ek ansoo jo rula de,ik aarzoo jo jaga de,ik chahat jo samaj le,her ahat jo jaan le,usi rishtey ka naam hai DOSTI by Naima

Make sure that these Ladies never weep from sorrow. Maintain them free from all diseases and give them ornaments and jewels to dress in.

And just one more issue this individual Hyder suggests he can not understand hindi Which Shri vinay ji has written and he is offering translation of Vedas as if he is a Sanskrit Pandit, He's definately a fraud that is utilizing Zakker Naiks function to critise our Religion.

Mujh se har bar woh apni Mujh se har bar woh apni nazrien chura laita hay..could ne kaghaz par bhi bana kar dekhy hay ankhien (*_*)By amjad hanif

Aapki dosti hm is trh se Aapki dosti hm is trh se nibhayenge, aap roj khfa hona hm roj manayege, pr maan jana mnane se wrna bhigi plkain le k kahan jayenge.By Jeet (Mumbai)

Arz kya hai: Bahaar aane se pehle fiza aa gayi, ki bahaar aane se pahle fiza aa gayi, aur phool khilne se pahle....bakri kha gayi..

Khidki se deakho to raste pe koi nahi tha, Khidki se dekha to raste pe koi nahi tha, Raste pe ja ke dekha to khidki pe koinahi tha...

App ko pata hai ke duniya ki Application ko pata hai ke duniya ki sub say khubsurat cheez daikhi nahi jati, mehsoos ki jati hai,jesay hawa ka jonka, shehd ki mithaas, jaisay phoolon ki hushboo, jaisay payar, Jantey ho sub say khubsurat ihsas kya hai, Aap ka Sath. By Nazish

Dosti ki tadap ko dikhaya nahi jata, dil mein lagi aag ko bhujaya nahi jaata, more info Kitni bhi doori hoe dosti me, aap jaise dost koe bhualaya nahi jaata.mehnaz venjhar

O groom! This bride is protector of your full family. Could she dwell in your home for your period of time and sow seeds of intellect.

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